Monday, September 30, 2013

Nixon - 6 Years Old

Hard to believe my baby boy is 6 years old.  Seems like just yesterday, I was driving this little bundle around every night because that's the only way I could get him to sleep! 
He started school this year.  He missed the birthday cut-off by one day, but I think it's going to be a good thing for him.  He has so much energy, so maybe the extra year will end up paying off.  I was a little worried because he was NOT ready to start school at all, but so far, so good.  He's loving every minute of it and he's really picking up fast on everything they're teaching him.  He was actually only in school for two weeks before we moved so he has had two first days, but managed to take both of them on like a champ!

Height: 44.2" (24%)
Weight: 45.4 lb (45%)
Favorite color: blue
Favorite subject in school: Computers
Favorite thing to do: Watch TV
Favorite sport: Baseball
Favorite sports team: ECU
What he wants to be when he grows up: He doesn't then he says scuba diver
Clothing style:  Loves to wear Under Armour, recently getting into the whole high socks with the designs on the back (I think this might come from his older brother!)
Best friend: Bennett
Teeth lost: 3
Adult teeth: 2
Favorite food: broccoli
Favorite snack: jolly rancher chews

Nixon is definitely my child that keeps me on my toes at all times.  He's such a little love muffin that loves to cuddle, but his non-stop energy can tire out the strongest person.  I think school is going to be good for him.  He's a very social child, so he loves meeting all these teachers and new friends.  I can't wait to see how much he learns in this first year.  His excitement for everything is infectious and you can't help but get excited about things with him.  He's been my little butterbean from Day 1 and I can't imagine this little family without him in it.  

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