Monday, August 23, 2010

A Whole Lot of Sweetness Rolled Up Into Two Little Boys

Chris & I have been talking lately and we realized that we don't record the boys like we used to.  There's so many cute things that they still do/say and you wonder how long all that cuteness can last and if you'll remember it forever.  So, I figured a blog post was in order so that I know I won't forget it!

  • Nixon loves to pull the stuffing out of pillows or stuffed animals.  The stuffing that he pulls out, he calls "clouds."  You can say, "What have you got Nixon?" and he'll reply, "That's my cloud."  He doesn't like to throw the clouds away.  You can usually find them stuffed into one of our cabinets in the living room.
  • Landon & Nixon have an armoire in their bedroom full of books/games.  Landon, from day 1, has called it his "counter" instead of cabinet.
  • I've never been able to find a nickname to stick with Landon.  But the other day, I was trying to explain what a nickname was for a baseball player and he said, "Oh, like Nixon is butterbean and I'm your baby cakes."  Guess that one must get used more than I thought!
  • When Nixon was younger, it was the funniest thing to hear him tell you what an elephant said because he'd put his whole hand up at his nose like a trunk and then make the noise.  Now, when you ask him what a horse says, he can make his whole voice shake when he says, "Neigh."
  • Trying to describe what a President was, Chris told Landon it was kind of like a king.  Now, Landon asks all the time when we're getting a new king b/c he wants to go to a Red Sox game.  He thinks the new king takes all our money.  Haha..
  • Landon has always had a hard time saying his "L's".  They always come out as "W's".  Nixon, on the other hand has never had this problem, but for some reason, he still calls Landon, "Nandon".  I think he'll probably be "Nandon" forever. 
  • Nixon has always been "Nic-Nac Paddywhack" since he was a baby.  But Landon didn't understand it all goes together.  He's been known to call him "Nixon Paddywhack".
  • Every night, without fail, when we tuck the boys in, they have to use the bathroom as soon as they lay down.  They could have just gone right before they laid down, but something about lights out makes them have to go again.
  • As soon as you pick Nixon up from his classroom at school, he'll proclaim, "I didn't go to the sad seat today!"  However, you can't always trust this statement!
  • Both of our boys are very equal with their love.  If you ask, "Do you love me?" they'll both reply, "Yes, I love you, Daddy, Landon (or Nixon, depending on who you're talking to) and Ellie. 
  • Nixon, just like Landon at this age, will sit on the couch, pat the seat beside him and say, "Come sit by me Mommy."  Melts my heart every time!

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Sissy said...

That's because they are special little boys who know they are trully loved, we are fortunate that our children know this because not all children get this kind of love. Our babies will never have that to worry about though.I love them and need an updated picture of the two of them. The last one that I have is of them in bib overhauls and red shirts.