Monday, August 16, 2010

Landon's 5-Year Well Check

I took Landon for his 5 year well check today.  Luckily, we opted to do all his kindergarten shots last year at his 4 year checkup, so it was pretty much just a physical with his assessment for kindergarten.  He gets so nervous going to the doctor.  But he didn't cry, even when they did the finger prick.  He just squeezed my hand as hard as he could!  He's 44 lbs now, only gaining 4 lbs in the last year.  He's also grown 4 inches in the past year.  Mr. Chris (our P.A.) was pleased that he had thinned out.  Last year, his BMI made him a little on the chubby side, although I've never considered him chubby a day in his life.  Mr. Chris said that he's much happier now with his weight/height ratio.  Overall, I think it was a positive appointment and we're all set for kindergarten next week!

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Becky said...

MY BABY has never been pudgy! He is always PERFECT!!!!