Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Nixon's First Trip to the Dentist

On August 18th, we decided to take our first trip to the dentist.  I always schedule Landon's the same day as mine to make things easier.  This would be Landon's third trip and Nixon's first.  I was a little hesitant.  I mean, Landon, at five years old still is a little uneasy sitting in the big chair by himself.  I should have known my little butterbean would be the complete opposite of his big brother.  He didn't even want to hold my hand!  He's such a brave little thing.  He picked out the zebra polish head and did the whole exam right down to flossing and putting the fluoride on his teeth!  We only got reprimanded about giving him tea since he had a little bit of tea stain on his front teeth..I know, I know..I'm probably not going to get the Mother of the Year award, but he just loves it so much!  On the other hand, the hygienist commented on how pretty and white Landon's teeth are and they had absolutely no plaque build-up on them.  Overall, it was a good first experience and I was one proud moma of BOTH my boys! 

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Becky said...

As a person who has left her first love...dentistry....and who adores her grandson...I would love to have this picture!