Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Must be a guilty conscious

Yesterday afternoon, I picked Landon and Nixon up from the daycare like always. When we got home, Nixon set out to destroy the living room (his daily goal) and Landon cuddled up to me in the chair to watch Noggin. Now, this isn't really abnormal. This is how most afternoons go. Landon loves to snuggle! Anyway, he just looked at me all of a sudden and told me he had to sit in the chair at school. At first, I just thought he was telling me he was being a good boy by sitting when his teacher told him to. But there was something about the look in his eyes that told me he was wanting to tell me something else. So, I asked him if he meant time out and he said yes. I continued to ask him why he had time out and he said, "Well, I kicked that boy." This is not like Landon at all... Nixon maybe! So, I asked him what boy and he told me and I asked why he did it and he just said because. I couldn't ever get him to tell me why, but he did know that he needed to tell me in case the teacher told me first. I thought it was the sweetest thing that he wanted me to know. Of course, he told me he was sorry and he wouldn't do it again. But after we had finished talking, he said, "It's okay, right Mommy?" He wanted to know that I had given him forgiveness which is a very important lesson at such a young age. He's such a sweet natured boy and whoever he marries in the far, far future is going to be one lucky girl. But, she will have to fight hard because I'm not giving him up easily!

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