Sunday, January 25, 2009

By Whatever Means Necessary...

When Landon was first born, we couldn't give him enough to eat. But for the last year, he's started being really picky. He'll gladly eat Pizza Hut, "Mit-Donalds", and Jelly Sandwiches, but anything other than that is a struggle. He even gets to point of gagging on food that just last week he loved. the point of the story...tonight at supper, we were trying to get Landon to eat when Chris asked Landon if he wanted hair on his chest. Well, my poor little boy who hates any sort of change got this weird look on his face and said, "No..I not want hair on my chest." So, Chris played along, and told him if he wanted to keep the hair off of his chest, he had to eat all his supper. Chris showed Landon his chest and said, "See, Daddy doesn't have hair.. because I eat all my supper." It was the funniest thing. I've never seen the food fly off his plate so fast. Now, whether it lasts or not, I'm not sure. But if it works now, that's fine by me.

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