Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Random Thoughts

One of the good things about having kids is that they say the most random things.  My boys seem to talk constantly, whether it's questions or telling me about something that has happened in their day.  This past week, the boys have been full of funny stories.  I feel like if i don't write them down (this is basically their baby book), i'll forget them so here goes:

*Nixon asked Chris the other night if he knew that there was a man on the moon.  Chris said, "Yea, Neil Armstrong.  He travelled up to the moon, blah, blah, blah."  Nixon listened intently, but then at the end, he said, "No Daddy, I'm talking about the man on the moon who stays up there all the time and you wish to him". was priceless!

*After playing his game on Monday night, Landon said, "We beat that KC team. (Kansas City)"  i said, "Yea, I know buddy, you guys did good" to which he replied, "Yea, we beat them.  They beat us the first time, but we got a payback to them because we beat them this time.  We just kept hitting homeruns and they couldn't beat us!"  What confidence!

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