Saturday, June 2, 2012


Nixon has always been full of life from Day 1.  He was (and is) my trouble maker (although Lily is trying to win that title).  But, even when he's driving me to the brink of craziness, he will smile or say something so crazy, you can't help but love that little butterball.  That charisma is sure to get him in trouble (or his way) many times in the years to come.  Listed below are some "Nixon-isms"

  • I don't need to wash my hands, I used "hanitizer" (hand sanitizer)
  • "Clouds" - the stuffing that he feels the need to pull out of his pillow
  • "I am Thorn!" (Thor)
  • "When I get bigger, I'm gonna be in charge and nobody will tell me what to do!"
  • "I love trees (broccoli)"
  • He likes to wear his new "babing suit" (bathing suit)
  • He doesn't want to get "hymnotized" (hypnotized)
  • One day he'll meet his "true potential" (thanks go to Lego Ninjago for this one)
  • He thanks you at night for turning the tv off because if not, "he just can't stop watching it"
  • He says, "I'm too little to play baseball/basketball, but one day I'll get big and then I can play"
  • He wants to move to the beach so that "he never has to go to school again"
  • "I don't ever want to grow up or be a Daddy!"
  • When referring to the male anatomy on his plastic cows, he says, "I know this one is a bull because he has these poinky things"
  • "I like when you call me Butterbean, but don't do it in front of my friends"
  • "I want to play with my Boxer men (wrestlers)"
  • "Ooops, I burded" (burped)
  • "When I grow up, I want to be a cup so I can know what the drink feels like"
I just love that little boy!

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