Sunday, February 6, 2011

Lily - 2 Months

It's so hard to believe that my baby is already 2 months old!  That's 1/6 of the way to her first birthday!!  When we went to her well check, she was 11 lb. (50%) and 22" long (50%).  Her head was in the 25%, so she has a little head like her daddy. :)  She got her shots and I think Nixon cried more than she did.  He can't stand to hear his baby sister cry.  He takes his job as a big brother very seriously!  She's getting more and more of a personality and we love her more and more every day!

At two months, Lily:

  • can follow you across the room with her eyes
  • can roll halfway over; she kicks with her left toes and rolls about halfway onto her tummy and gives up, but I think she'll be there before long
  • coos, she makes a lot of vowel sounds like ooo and aaa, which seemed to impress Dr. Langdon
  • has slept through the night for a week straight, but has since gone back to waking at least once a night
  • eats 6 oz at a time, every 3 hours
  • has tried bananas and loved them!
  • still loves to take a's the one thing that can calm her down when she's fussy
  • has taken on the nickname 'Pudding' and 'Pumpkin'
  • smiles a ton and her whole face lights up
  • is definitely a morning person..that's when she is at her happiest state
  • is wearing 3 month clothes, 3/6 month in some pi's 

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