Thursday, May 8, 2014

What You Never Knew About Becoming a Mom

You know, there are some things nobody tells you before you become a mom..some of them are probably because nobody would want to do it..but some of them, you just have to experience for yourself.  In honor of Mother's Day, I've compiled a list of things I never knew before I joined the club.

  • Your pregnancy will be awful the first trimester..good for about 2-3 months..and then awful again.  I will say, I'm one of the strange ones that absolutely LOVED being pregnant all four times..but there were definitely some trying times during all four..especially Hattie..I think when you're pregnant with your last child, it has to be especially miserable so you'll know you're done!
  • If you have postpartum (which I did with my first two), it consumes you so much that you can't even function.  You have thoughts that make you feel like the most horrible person in the world and you just want your pre-baby life back (which makes the depression, and crying even worse). This is a feeling that you'll never forget and you can automatically detect it in other new mothers, even when they're trying their best to hide's like a secret society where you just understand and it makes you feel your pain all over again for them.  
  • Once the postpartum lifts, you're consumed with a love so crazy that even you can't comprehend it.  But then some days, you just feel guilty for having the baby blues to start with and wonder what kind of bonding you missed during that time..
  • Guilt, guilt, never really ends, you just kind of learn to deal with it.  
  • You're always pretty sure you're worst mother ever and that you'll never get yourself together again..but then another person (a mother possibly) will tell you that they don't know how you do it all and it just affirms your self-worth and that maybe, possibly, you know what you're doing after all
  • Sometimes you will look at your kids, or a picture of your kids, or even just think about them and you'll feel a love for them that's so strong, you just want to cry
  • Time will feel like it's standing still when the baby won't stop crying, and you've got two or three more that are trying your patience and then you'll blink and the oldest is almost 9 (with no baby features left) and you wonder how time flew by so fast
  • You feel like you're still a kid yourself, until you have one that has so much energy it makes you tired to just listen to them talk
  • Kids consume so much of your life that sometimes you lose touch with people that you think are friends...the true friends understand (probably because they're in the mommy club too) and you can text or call them after a few months of not talking at all and it's like you never lost touch
  • All you want is a night to yourself, without giving baths, bedtime routines..but when you get it, you feel lost and worry that before long, they won't need you
  • You can stay up all night with a sick child and not even feel tired because of the worry that consumes you..adrenaline just kind of kicks in..but when that child has turned the corner and is feeling better, you feel like you've run a marathon and the exhaustion is intense
And the best'll always have a piece of you and your husband wrapped into this tiny individual,that you get to help shape and mold and it's the most rewarding experience to see them blossom and grow!!

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