Monday, August 5, 2013


Lily is the first of our kids to have an imaginary friend.  It took us a little while to realize who she was talking to because she's always been one to ramble on to herself under her breath.  One day, Chris realized she kept saying Mouse when she talked and she was telling him to do things. I am a little worried because a lot of the time, she's being bossy and saying things that I know she hears us say to her or the boys.  She'll say, "Mouse, you better listen to me or you'll get in time out" and things like that.  She also seems to work through some of her fears with Mouse.  I'll hear her saying, "Mouse, are you scared of the fireworks?  I'm not, are you?"  It's the sweetest thing and I have been able to get a few pictures of her playing with Mouse.

Teaching Mouse how to use the stapler

"Do what I do Mouse" (jumping as far as you can)

She wanted a picture of her and Mouse.."He's right here beside me Momma"

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