Sunday, June 2, 2013

Hattie - 2 Months!

Hard to believe my baby girl is already two months old!  I've been very purposely enjoying every little detail of her knowing she's my final baby.  But let me tell you, it doesn't slow things down one bit!  Baby girl still is growing so fast!

At two months:
-she weighs 11 lbs, 4.5 oz (50%)
-she is 22.5" long (50%)
-her head is 38.9 cm (70%)
-she is eating 6 ounces every four hours.  At night, she'll usually sleep around 5 - 6 hours at a time
-she laughs/coos/smiles constantly while she's awake...she seems to be such a happy baby!
-she is getting so close to rolling over..she can roll about halfway before she gives up
-she still loves that paci..when she's fighting sleep, she doesn't like to take it because she knows it helps to put her to sleep!
-she can lift her head for short periods of time, but then gets tired and lets it fall
-she has taken her first beach trip and was really good under the tent on the beach
-still loves the swing..puts her to sleep every time!

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