Thursday, September 27, 2012

Landon - 7 Years Old!!

Landon has been 7 for a few months now and I just realized I never did a post to celebrate his 7 years.  Mother of the year..I know.  At 7 years old, Landon weighed in at 54 lbs and 48" tall (50% for both).  He is still such a sweet boy, but we have reached the age where he thinks he should always be receiving something new.  I'm hoping this is a phase and we're trying to teach him to always be thankful for what you have.  We're also trying to instill the value that you shouldn't worry about what other people have..just because they have it doesn't mean that you should.  It's a hard lesson for a 7 year old but one that will help him for many years if he'll listen!  He still loves any sport that he can play and he has turned into a very helpful big brother.  I love to hear Nixon and him talk in the back seat.  Most of the time they're just being silly, but sometimes they have really serious conversations.  I asked Landon some of the same questions I ask every year and here are his answers:

*What he wants to be when he grows up - Baseball Player
*Favorite Color - Red and Orange
*Favorite thing to wear - Under Armour anything!
*Favorite sport - baseball, basketball, football, and soccer :)
*Shoe size - 2
*Wears - size 8...big boy clothes now!
*Nickname - We finally have one after 7 years...Ticker (because of his obsession with time)
*Still loves to sleep..he'll sleep about 10 hours at night and if you make him lay down, he'll take about a 2 hour nap...we usually just let him have "quiet time" while Lily sleeps though
*For the first time, he didn't cry when he got his flu shot

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