Monday, August 20, 2012

First Haircut!

Today, Lily had her very first haircut!  I was a little nervous because her moods are so unpredictable (I dread the teenage years!), but she did so good.  My good friend, Nikki, did it.  She acted a little nervous to start off with, but it was nothing a sucker didn't take care of.  She sat there patiently while Nikki trimmed up the ends all over, straightening up the back especially.  Before we knew it, she was all done.



 Nikki put a little braid in the side 

Not really much of a difference, but her ends look a lot better and it'll hopefully grow a little better now.  Also, the back is finally all one length and it doesn't look so scraggly.  I'm so glad that one of my good friends could share in one of Lily's first with me!

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