Saturday, March 17, 2012

Lily - 15 Months

Can't believe my baby girl is 15 months already!  She's quite the handful these days..who knew girls were so much different than boys!  The boys are non-stop, but she's non-stop AND emotional!  At her well check, she was 21 lb, 14.5 oz (60%), 30.5 inches long (50%) and her head is 45.4 cm (45%).

*Loves to run..especially if you're chasing her
*Loves to wrestle with the boys..she's always tackling Nixon from behind when he least expects it
*Loves to read books..she has one little book that she carries around everywhere
*Loves to swing..she has discovered her swing on the swing set and as soon as we walk in the door in the afternoon, she points outside
*Can say Dada, Mama, Bye, milk and Dougie (her baby's name)
*Can sign Please, More, Eat and drink
*Will finally give kisses on command..she used to turn her head every time you tried to steal a she actually will give them to you
*Has to use Detangler Spray after baths on her hair because it's gotten so long..most days it has a little curl to it which I really love..not sure if that will last though
*Has learned how to climb up on the table and will do so at the drop of a hat

*Loves to help with the laundry..she will push the clothes into the washer and if I drop any on the floor, she will pick them up for me
*Finally got her first pair of Crocs..Hot Pink no less and they're the cutest things ever!

She is definitely a hand full but we love every minute!

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