Friday, August 12, 2011

What No One Ever Tells You About Becoming a Mom...

It's amazing how many things people don't tell you before you become a mom...

*No one tells you how tired you'll be when you first have a child..spending sleepless nights barely awake while your baby eats, but yet when that baby sleeps through the night the first time, you can't help but wake up thinking something is wrong!
*No one tells you that you'll be so excited to see your baby grow and see what they're going to be like, but when they get older, you just want them to be a baby again so that you can protect them from everything.
*No one tells you how having one baby will change everything in your world, two babies will rock your world more than anything, and anything over two is just adding one more to the craziness!
*No one tells you that when your child gets sick, you'll worry like crazy until they're matter how small the illness is.
*No one tells you that when you're away from your kids, you'll miss them like crazy, but five minutes after you get around them, you're ready for a break again
*No one tells you that you'd move Heaven and Earth to make them happy and content and that you'll do anything to make them have the best childhood possible.
*No one tells you that you'll say the things your mother used to say to you and then cringe a little because "you'd never tell your child that"
*No one tells you that you'll enjoy Christmas and all other major holidays ten times more with kids.
*No one tells you that a smile, hug, or kiss from one of your babies can make an otherwise bad day wonderful.
*No one tells you that once you have kids, you might as well be wearing your heart on the outside of your body for the rest of your life because you never really understand true, unconditional love until you've had a child of your own!

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