Monday, May 16, 2011

Random Words From My Boys

My boys say some of the craziest things, so I figured I'd share a few; mainly, I want to be able to remember them when they're older and not even talking to their momma!

*The other day, Nixon informed me, after telling him he needed to listen, that "sometimes he really just doesn't want to listen"

*Nixon calls broccoli "trees" and pillow stuffing "clouds"

*Instead of saying, "the other one," Landon says "the nudder one"

*While sounding out shirt, Landon left out the 'r' and proceeded to sound out that word, thinking he had made up a word and thought the new word he made up was hilarious!

*I told Nixon I loved him to the moon and back to which he replied, "and I love you to the trees!"

*When we were leaving for school one morning, Nixon hugged Chloe (our dog) and told her to "be a good girl, because we'll be right back"

*Landon's explanation of how God created the world.  "God said he wanted a sky and BAM, there it was.  God said he wanted some trees and BAM, there they were.  God's pretty awesome!"

I love my boys..they definitely keep life interesting!

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