Monday, November 29, 2010

38 Weeks

I went for my 38 week appointment today.  I had gained 3.5 lbs bringing me up to 29.5 lbs. gained total.  Dr. Bruton asked me if I was ready to have this baby and I told her I was mainly scared of how big she was getting.  She didn't seem too concerned until she measured my baby and then she said, "Yeah, I'd say you have a big baby."  I tried to get her to guess, but she didn't want to until she checked me to see how low the baby was.  When she checked me, I was still 3 cm dilated, but now I'm 70% effaced.  After she did that, she informed me that she thought the baby was at least 9 lbs, which is exactly what I thought.  She told me that after Friday, I could choose to have an elective induction if I wanted to, which of course I did, so she sent me to her office to schedule it.  But, when we got to her office, she informed me that she really thought I had a large volume of fluid so that if she could prove that with an ultrasound, she'd be able to induce me Friday morning.  Of course, I was all for this!  So, back to the room we went and she did an ultrasound.  The level had to be at least 25 to be induced Friday morning and mine was 25.11!  But, upon doing the ultrasound, she was better able to get a measurement on the baby and Lily is estimated to be around 9.5 lbs!!  She also said she's not that big because of length.  She would guess she's only around 20" long, but that all her weight is around her mid-section!  My little chunky monkey already!  So, unless I go into labor before then, we'll have a brand new baby girl on Friday!  Friday can't come soon enough!!

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