Tuesday, November 2, 2010

34 Weeks

I went for my doctor's appointment today and I had gained 4.5 lbs. in the past two weeks!  That brings me to a total of 26 lb total!  I still have 6 weeks to go!  I only gained 25 with Landon and 20 with Nixon so I was hoping to keep it in that range, but it's not looking good!  Lily just loves her weekly milkshakes too much and I can't deny her!:)  On a positive note, everything else was good.  Measuring at 35 weeks, which I will be in a couple of days, so she was happy with that.  Baby was definitely head down, her backbone on my right side, which explains why I'm always feeling knees and elbows on my left side.  I have to go back in two weeks and then I'll be on my weekly appointments.  Next appointment, I have to have the Beta strep test and my platelets checked again since they have continually declined.  As long as I'm still over 100, she says I'll be fine.  But if they fall below 100, it's possible that I'll have to take steroids to help with the delivery.  Other than that, everything's fine except my nesting.  If I don't get that under control, I might have to find a new baby daddy!

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Sissy said...

Chris will be fine, don't worry and I can't wait for Lilly to get here. I love you