Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ten Things Tuesday

  1. I know I haven't done one of these lately..partly because I'm slack..partly because sometimes I just don't want to and partly because I have a lot on my mind these days. 
  2. I'm not sure what's going on with me lately.  I can't seem to shake an almost depression-type feeling.  Not sure if it's because we've got a lot going on with trying to buy a house, plus work, plus life or what.  I go through spells. Just pray for me.  I definitely need it!
  3. On the bright side, my hubby won me a great pocketbook last week on G105.  He had no idea which one I wanted, just picked his baseball number..luckily, I love it!  Take a look.
  4. We're in the midst of preparing our budget at work.  Whoo!  It seems to get harder every year I do it, trying to balance everything.  Maybe that's my stress!:)
  5. Supposedly, we'll be able to sign a contract on the house this week.  I'm not holding my breath this time until I have signed papers in hand, with a closing date!
  6. My boys love competition..well, scratch that, they love to win (and fight) over everything.  The other night, they were fussing because the moon was in Nixon's window instead of Landon's.  I told them it was Jesus' moon, so it didn't matter.  When Landon got excited because it was in his car window, Nixon yelled, "That's Jesus' moon Nandon!"
  7. Nixon has hit an all-time high gear.  He's definitely all boy and makes up for anything that Landon lacked when he was smaller. 
  8. I'm wondering when this whole potty-training thing is going to click with Nixon.  He will go if you take him, but almost never will just mention that he has to go unless you're somewhere and he wants to check out the bathrooms.  Any suggestions??
  9. Landon started T-ball again last week.  He has two more practices and then his first game is on May 10th.  He's so excited.  Baseball is definitely his favorite sport so far. 
  10. Landon's T-ball team name is the Selma Grasshoppers!

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