Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ten Things Tuesday

  1. We had a great weekend.  Way too short, even though I had Monday off!!
  2. We took our annual zoo trip on Good Friday.  The five mile road that leads into the zoo was back-to-back traffic the entire way!  Which is why Nixon looked like this on the way into the zoo...
  3. We finally bought a Wii.  We're addicted..and I mean Chris, Landon and me!  Landon absolutely loves the baseball and tennis.  Chris & I love the new Super Mario Bros.  I've yet to pull the Wii Fit out of the box!
  4. Landon asked me the other day, in front of about 3-5 people, why my belly is so fat.  After explaining that I guess I eat too much, he said, "Nope, you got a baby in there."  He's convinced.  We had to tell him not to go to school and tell people that!  Guess it's diet time again for me =)
  5. The next day he asked me if I was sad because I didn't have a baby girl.  I told him that sometimes I am, but I love him and Nixon too much to be sad.  He's such a sweetie!!
  6. April 15th can't get here soon enough.  That's when we'll know something more about this house we've been trying to buy since November!!
  7. Nixon has such a big attitude lately.  You can't tell him anything without him getting upset.  I think he was in the "sad seat" everyday last week at daycare!  What am I going to do in high school??
  8. We're still no closer to potty-training Nixon.  He could just care less!  I think we'll still be trying when he goes to kindergarten!
  9. I got my car waxed yesterday.  I know with the pollen it was probably pointless but the guy at the car wash told me it needed it like 6 months ago.  It looks so shiny and new!
  10. I absolutely love this warm weather.  I just can't get enough of it!

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