Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ten Things Tuesday - Thanksgiving Edition

Sorry Amanda, I'm copying you..what a great idea!

Ten Things I'm Thankful for ...in no particular order.
  1. Those serving our country to protect our freedom.  I feel our freedom is something that's definitely taken for granted by many.  Think of all those that serve, risking their lives daily, so that we can enjoy our freedom.  I love you and miss you Tonio.  Stay safe!
  2. My job.  There's so many people without jobs right now.  I can't imagine having a job where I had to worrry if it would be there tomorrow.  Chris and I are very fortunate to have great jobs with security and benefits.
  3. My moma. She taught me to stand up for myself and to be independent.  I've had to do it many times and it always worked out in my best interest.  She taught me that no one will stand up for you if you don't stand up for yourself.
  4. The rest of my family..on Chris' side and mine..you know who you are..too many to name..you've always been there for us no matter what.  I love each and every one of you dearly.
  5. Friends.  Old and new..I have so many friends that I've known for a lifetime it feels like!  They all know me so well..I have long distance friends that know I'm bad at keeping up with them so they keep up with me..I have new friends that I couldn't live without.  Each one of you are very special to me.  
  6. My family's health.  It's something that shouldn't be taken for granted.  I hear so many stories of kids with cancer, losing husbands in fatal accidents..I just couldn't imagine life without Chris or my boys.  
  7. God.  I know that he's always there for me, even when I may turn my back on Him.  It's also so great to know that Chris is 'on the same side' and that I can talk to him about anything related to religion and that we'll share eternity together.
  8. Landon and Nixon. I love my two little boys so much it hurts sometimes. Sure, I'd love a little girl to add to the bunch, but I can't imagine life without my little boys. They always seem to know when their moma needs a hug or kiss, or even just to sit and hold my hand. They're the sweetest little boys I could ask for and they love their moma as much as I love them.
  9. Chris.  He understands me so much it's scary sometimes. He knows when to leave me alone, when to push me and even when to aggravate me!  Even when he doesn't agree with me, he backs me up.  He's my rock in unstable times and I've told him if he ever goes anywhere, I'm going with him!
  10. Memories.  I have had a great life so far.  I've done plenty of things, with very few regrets.  I've had a lot of good times, with a few bad mixed in.  I know there are plenty of memories to be made, and I hope that everything going forward will go as well as the past. 


Meredith said...

I know I'm already emotional anyway, but your post brought me to tears! So sweet!! You have a awesome family and you are a awesome person!! Love ya and miss you guys!! :)

Becky said...

What a wonderful Thanksgiving post!! I love you sooo very much and you make me so proud with the woman and mother that you are. Always keep God first and you will find your life will be better than in the past...IT ONLY GETS BETTER!! I love you sweetie!!

Tiff said...

That was awesome!!!