Tuesday, April 28, 2009

10 Things Tuesday

Well, I missed last week, but I remembered this week...

1. Last Friday, April 24, was 10 years that Chris & I have been together. Man, time flies!

2. For those keeping score, that also means we've been out of high school 10 years!

3. My mom had the boys all last week. It was so weird not having to take care of anyone but myself! It was a nice break, but I sure did miss my little boo boo and butterbean.

4. It's only April and Landon already has a good tan from all the baseball games. Man, what I'd give to have that complexion!

5. I graduated from my UNC School of Government Municipal Administration Course last Thursday. It was a really long 8 months, but well worth it!

6. Landon starts T-Ball this week. He's very proud of his super-fast baseball shoes (translation: cleats)

7. Nixon has learned a new phrase that he loves to repeat over and over, "I did it!!" with a fist pump and everything.

8. We're going on our first family vacation this week. We'll be staying at a friend's condo in Myrtle Beach Friday - Monday. I'm very excited, we're going to go to the Battleship on the way down Friday. Myrtle Beach Pelicans vs. Salem Red Sox game on Saturday and the Ripley's Aquarium sometime in between!

9. Work is going well, it would be better if I could balance the budget for next year!

10. Chris' baseball team is undefeated so far in the Conference. He's thinking/trying to line things up so that he can move up to the high school and coach JV. If that happens, one of his players he will have had from 6th grade on up to 10th grade!

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