Tuesday, April 14, 2009

10 Things Tuesday

A couple of blogs I follow do this every once in while..Seems like a good idea..here we go:

1. A co-worker told me about Pandora Radio (www.pandora.com). It's great! Just type in an artist or song you like. It automatically creates a radio station suited to your tastes. You can "thumbs down" songs you don't like and they won't ever play again on that station. Once you register, you can have multiple stations. Plus, it's FREE!!

2. I started doing the "weight loss" program on the treadmill at the gym and I've started burning a lot more calories. It's crazy how an incline can kick your butt!

3. I'm still really upset about losing my pictures from Nixon's first Easter Egg Hunt and our Zoo trip from Friday. Everyone keeps telling me to check the memory card over and over and somehow they magically appear..we'll see!

4. Sometimes I just really want to be a part-time stay-at-home mom.

5. I'm starting to get serious about taking the CPA exam...Guess that means I need to get out that study guide I bought 2 years ago!

6. Sometimes I wish I was back in college. Life was so much more simple in a Sorority House..who would've thought that??

7. Landon told me on Sunday that he wanted to stay with me and Chris forever and ever! No, really, he did..I have a witness!!

8. We took the boys to the zoo on Friday. It was Landon's second time..his favorite are the elephants and penguins...Nixon's first time..his favorite is all the food. Unfortunately, it started pouring around the end of the trip and I had a WHITE t-shirt on...Oh, what a sight! At least we have a interesting story:)

9. Even though I hated living in Lumberton, I still get really homesick sometimes and I miss certain things..such as our cookouts we used to have all the time with our friends..Christmas Eve at our house..and just having family close by anytime you need/want them.

10. I can't believe Landon will be 4 in just 3 short months and Nixon will be 2 in 5 months!! Crazy..I'm getting to the point where I can see that it would be easier just to have these two..but I still want a little girl REALLY bad!!

Okay..so, not bad huh? Guess you'll learn a little more about our little family this way!

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Suz said...

I LOVE Pandora radio too! And I miss the ease of college life too. Where did all that free time go?