Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Nixon - 7 Years!

It's hard to believe that my little Butterbean is 7 years old already!  He still loves life more than anyone I know.  There's really not much that will take a smile off of his face.  We finally convinced him to play a sport this fall.  He chose flag football as his first team sport and he did really good.  He learned a lot just in the couple of months that they were playing.  I was hoping that would convince him to play more sports, but so far it's a no-go.  He is not very competitive and would rather just play with his toys or friends than to be on a team.  And that's perfectly fine with me, but I am glad that he at least had the "team experience" at least once.  At 7 years old, Nixon:

-is 48 lbs (7th percentile)
-is 47" tall (25th percentile)
-wears size 7 or 8 clothes (youth small works in shirts, but the pants are always long on him!)
-wears a size 13.5 or 1 shoe depending on the brand
-still loves to play with Ninja turtles, power rangers or any action figure he can find.  He has the best imagination and doesn't have to have anyone playing with him to have a good time
-is in 1st grade 
-is learning to read so well this year.  He got the basics last year, but I'm starting to notice he can read road signs or billboards now if he really tries
-loves to dance
-has neon green and black as his favorite colors
-never meets a stranger.  Everyone quickly becomes his best friend
-is usually not a morning person and he gets really mad if Landon sleeps through the alarm in the morning 

Nixon is definitely one of those kids that will make you slow down in life.  He doesn't do anything in a hurry but with a love for life like he has, it's hard to stay mad at that little face!

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